Michael Bachmann


Meet Michael Bachmann, an experienced and accomplished real estate investor hailing from Kansas City, Missouri. With a wealth of diverse entrepreneurial experiences and a passion for real estate, Michael has established himself as a trusted and successful investor in the industry.

Michael’s journey in business began at a young age, showcasing his determination and work ethic. During his formative years, he embarked on a paper route in 6th grade, which he diligently pursued until his high school graduation. Additionally, he ventured into lawn mowing and driveway shoveling, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit even in his early teens.

Upon turning 18, Michael joined a corporate Domino’s Pizza store as a delivery driver. His exceptional drive and commitment quickly earned him recognition as the youngest Manager in Training (MIT) in Kansas City and then promoted to a store manager by the age of 19, highlighting his natural leadership abilities and dedication to success. At age 20, when Domino’s Pizza Corporate sold its Kansas City operations to Owner Operator Franchisees, Michael made the bold decision to move to Hawaii, where he served as a fix-it manager for two struggling Domino’s Pizza stores on Oahu.

Returning to Kansas City at the age of 21, Michael took a significant leap forward by acquiring his first of three Domino’s Pizza franchises in Lenexa and Overland Park, Kansas. During his decade of experience at Domino’s Pizza, he honed his business acumen and cultivated his entrepreneurial prowess within the pizza industry.

However, Michael recognized the need for change and sought new opportunities. In 1997, he transitioned from the pizza business to consumer sales at Gateway Computers, quickly establishing himself as a top-performing sales representative. He consistently ranked among the top 10 out of over 400 sales reps, demonstrating his ability to thrive in a competitive environment. After six years, Michael shifted his focus to Gateway Public Sector sales, where he spearheaded sales efforts in Arkansas and Louisiana, leveraging his expertise and building strong client relationships.

With a desire to diversify his investments, Michael began venturing into real estate in 2006, starting with single-family rentals and investments in Kansas City, Missouri. He joined Freightquote.com in 2007 as a freight broker, rapidly emerging as one of the top 20 sales representatives out of hundreds. Through his tenacity and strategic acumen, he secured lucrative contracts with two major Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) customers, solidifying his position as a top commission earner.

In August 2017, Michael made a pivotal decision to dedicate himself fully to real estate investing in Kansas City, Missouri. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully flipped, rehabbed, and wholesaled numerous properties, demonstrating his ability to navigate the ever-evolving real estate market.  Michael currently owns multiple single-family residences in his own rental portfolio in Kansas City Missouri. During 2022, he recognized the immense potential in multifamily investing and shifted his focus to value-add opportunities, meticulously analyzing hundreds of deals to identify properties with substantial profit potential.

To enhance his expertise in multifamily investing, Michael sought training from ReMentor Group, a renowned organization based in Boston. ReMentor Group owns an impressive portfolio of over 7,000 doors and provides specialized education on identifying emerging markets, executing value-add projects, and maximizing profits upon selling.

With his vast experience, unwavering dedication, and commitment to value-add investments, Michael Bachmann has established himself as a seasoned real estate investor. His proven track record, combined with his extensive knowledge and strategic approach to multifamily investing along with the team and mentors, make him a trusted partner for accredited investors and high-net-worth individuals seeking lucrative opportunities in apartment house syndications.