About Us

MB Capital Group LLC is dedicated to creating a superior investment experience in multifamily ownership by developing and preserving relationships built on honesty, integrity, and trust, building wealth one partner at a time.

We use proprietary analysis techniques to identify markets and neighborhoods that have the best combination of the low purchase price and rental growth. The properties we select provide both current operating income and robust capital appreciation. We access our strong network of contacts to purchase off the market, directly from their owners; or on the open market. As value-added investors, our objective is to minimize overhead and target capital improvements to generate the highest return for our investors. We do this by enhancing curb appeal, executing interior upgrades, or correcting deferred maintenance and structural faults when necessary. Through diligent analysis and conservative investing, we mitigate risks and will consistently deliver superior returns. Most importantly we do this all while providing a modern, friendly, comfortable and safe environment for our tenants to call home.


  • A team of nationally recognized multifamily investors and coaches with decades of extensive hands-on experience and hundreds of successful transactions.
  • Access to “off-market” investment opportunities.
  • Opportunities undergo a comprehensive vetting process with proprietary software.

A Few Reasons to Work with Us:

We specialize in multi-family investments. Other investors may dabble in all kinds of real estate, and that’s fine. But if you’re looking to work with a specialist, then you should consider us. Our whole focus is on multi-family investing. We’re upfront with you. We don’t play games and don’t string people along. If what you’re after isn’t something that we think we can deliver, we’ll promptly tell you so. But if we can in fact deliver, then we’ll do that promptly as well. In our experience, every win/win transaction has started with a conversation. Sometimes things don’t work out and other times they do. Either way, we’re willing to have a friendly discussion to see if we can collaborate on the next win/win deal. Please feel free to contact us here