Article XII of the Marrakesh Agreement is a crucial component of the World Trade Organization (WTO) framework. This article deals with the transfer of technology between member countries of the WTO. Technology transfer is essential for developing countries to improve their economic growth and competitiveness in the global market.

The Marrakesh Agreement was signed in 1994, and Article XII was included to address concerns related to the transfer of technology. The article is designed to facilitate technology transfer and promote its effective use in developing countries.

The agreement emphasizes the importance of technology transfer in promoting economic development and reducing poverty. It also recognizes that developing countries face significant challenges in gaining access to technology due to their limited financial resources and lack of technical expertise.

The main objective of Article XII is to promote the transfer of technology from developed to developing countries on favorable terms. This is achieved through a number of measures, including the establishment of a technology transfer advisory committee, the provision of technical assistance to developing countries, and the creation of a database of technology transfer initiatives.

The committee is responsible for identifying areas where technology transfer can be most beneficial and for developing strategies to facilitate such transfers. Technical assistance is provided to developing countries in the form of training programs, workshops, and capacity-building initiatives.

The database of technology transfer initiatives is a valuable resource for developing countries. It provides information on various technology transfer projects and initiatives that have been implemented in other countries. This helps developing countries to identify best practices and learn from the experiences of others.

Article XII also recognizes the importance of intellectual property rights in promoting technology transfer. It calls for the protection of intellectual property rights while promoting their effective use for the transfer of technology.

In conclusion, Article XII of the Marrakesh Agreement is an important component of the WTO framework. It emphasizes the importance of technology transfer in promoting economic development and reducing poverty. By facilitating technology transfer on favorable terms, the agreement helps to promote international cooperation and reduce the technology gap between developed and developing countries.